October 11, 2013 morning, at the invitation of the Foreign Affairs Office Kimcheon Korea University Professor of International Affairs in charge of Hongjiang, Trapp planting leader and his entourage to visit our hospital exchanges. Dean Professor Lv Zhenhe executed on behalf of the hospital and Kimcheon University signed an academic exchange and cooperation agreement. Department heads of the Foreign Affairs Department, Office of Academic Affairs, Management, etc. participated in the signing ceremony, and the guests on the teaching mode of cooperation with a lively discussion.

King James Dean briefed the guests together the history and current situation of the situation of our hospital development and Colleges, school characteristics, personnel training mode, teachers and so on. Guests also basic information, professional features, such as inter-school co-op terms Kimcheon University introduced.

Kimcheon University is located in South Korea Kimcheon four-year university, is the global-oriented university, the hotel has 22 professional tour business administration, health care, food nutrition, etc., since 1978 in many areas of school The South Korean government has been identified as one of the best universities, the Korean Ministry of Education has designated tourist hotel category of the best professional operating system (A +), and enjoy the employment rate of its assessment of the Ministry of Education, the best team honors.

In the symposium, the two sides on cooperation in the future exchange of students and academic exchanges, visits and other teachers of communication, and focus on the feasibility of 2 +1 +1 pattern has been actively discussed. Visiting guests also presented scholarships Kimcheon University set aside specifically for our students a tuition-free.(Foreign Affairs Office feeds)