To commemorate the anniversary of the Communist Party of China ninety-two, Chinese Communist Youth League Jiantuan ninety-one anniversary, “5.4” ninety-four anniversary of the movement, while enhancing the students’ patriotic spirit and collective sense of honor, promote the “May Fourth” spirit, May 8 day 14:00 order “and the application of the peers, Build Long Dream” as the theme of the fourth “Red May” teacher-student chorus concert at the stadium on time.

The chorus honored to Hangzhou Youth League leader Tian Zhen, deputy secretary general of the Federation teacher and six other universities, the instructor as judges.Attended the event as well as student body president of the fraternal institutions in charge of each branch. Competition “Wings” co-organized by the hospital, Youth League faculties, students undertake. Live nearly 2,000 students and teachers together to watch the game.

A total of eight lines Choral Competition team to participate. Management in a subtle and generous “My Chinese Heart” opened the prelude to the game, to express the love of the motherland. Accounting is based on an “Ode to the Motherland” shock the audience, dragon and drums with very understanding, will race to a climax. Each team clothing neat, full of energy, singing loud and clear, on the fate of an orderly queue. The whole game forms, fully demonstrated the students in our hospital patriotic fervor, singing the main theme of the era of hard work ahead. “I love China”, “Defend the Yellow River,” “Pearl of the Orient” and other revolutionary songs song after another passion, ignited by the presence of teachers and patriotism, can not help but applaud. Court warm atmosphere, Field was packed, tacit backing group and team interaction, setting off another round of the game climax. After two hours of fierce competition, and ultimately, the accounting department beat the other team. Get the tournament title, the Department of Commerce and Trade Department team were given a second and third. Management Award from the organization team won, the language department team spirit award in the bag, won the award in the financial management system is the team, taking into account the letter on behalf of the Department on behalf of the team, and the Jian Gong Department team.

Finally, Zhejiang University of Technology Art Education Officer Wei party package chorus teacher summarizes review. He first affirmed the significance of this event and made inadequate and need improvement. The purpose of this activity is to make every student can participate in the construction of campus culture to fully display their talents, the release of their youthful passion. Guide the students to consolidate establish a correct outlook on life, values ??and world view, to prepare for the spiritual and cultural construction of the application of this work in our hospital.

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