September 25 afternoon in 1117 at the auditorium of the research organization, hospital teachers to participate in the research report, the institute Wang Shuyun teachers on how to do research and Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation project to declare the year 2014 the work done report, The main contents include (1) Provincial Natural Science Foundation of policy-oriented issues reporting; specific operation Fund for Nature topic (2) to declare the province, the network information system operations and reporting policies and other issues; (3) combined reporting issues, on how to do topic, literature review, project plan, project, concluding such links do explain. Report will be very exciting, constantly ushered applause, adding to the teachers the confidence and ability to do research, have said the report benefit, like money, like Koko, continuous positive energy savings toward new high impact, and constantly create new results.
Wang Shuyun teacher in September 2003 – March 2006 School of Management, Zhejiang University graduate student, a master’s degree; 2005.9 ~ 2006.9, Zhejiang Willow Bridge Group as assistant to the president, responsible for accounting, financial management and supervision; 2006.9 ~ present, Zhejiang Changzheng Vocational and Technical College , either full-time teachers, spoke on “Financial Management”, “Management Accounting”, “international trade”, “International Economics” course; published many articles, including in the “era of wealth,” 2013 (3) published papers “on business

Thinking investment banking professional construction and development “was reprinted” Business Guide “2013.7 reproduced; hosted and reference number into the subject, which 2013.1-2015.12 auspices of Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Fund (13YJC790145); 2012.1-2013.12 presided Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China (LQ12G03002); 2008.6-2010.6 chaired and completed national “Innovation Fund” project (08C26213301876); 2012.6-2013.6 chaired and completed China Business Accounting Society issues (kj201248); editor and editor of multiple materials, which the editor of “private SME management accounting practices,” deputy editor of “private SMEs financial management practices,” Beijing Normal University Press; editor of “Finance and Banking”, Chemical Industry Publishing House. (Research Department feeds)