In recent years, I continue to enrich teaching hospital varieties, focusing on features andquality materials, and strengthen brand building, in 2013 the Ministry of Educationorganized the “five-second” career planning materials topics of national educationreporting award, a breakthrough in our hospital achievement by Associate ProfessorWang Zhen editor, Dalian University of Technology Press reported election “import and export business training”, “business English Correspondence” two textbooks by the Ministry of Education expert review group assessment, in line with “five” national planningvocational education textbook topics project requirements, successful project approval,construction period is from August 2013 to February 2014. This is another fruitful teachinghospital reform, also shows the level of business teachers in our hospital. Access toproject materials development leader Professor Wang Zhenfu and related personnel, saidthe Ministry of Education to study it carefully document [2013] No. 184, seize the time toarrange construction tasks, cherish this hard-won opportunity to actively cooperate withtextbook publishers to complete the preparation of the project and revision.