In order to cultivate strong artistic creation interest, improve the students’ enthusiasm for learning, and enhance students professional learning self-confidence, Department of computer and information technology in our hospital from 11 image classes held the first semester graphic design works exhibition in the professional under the guidance of teachers in December 30, 2011.
Image class is non art students, learning the professional is not a little before painting foundation, one semester down guidance and cultivating in the teacher’s professional guidance and patience, every student is interested in their own professional, painting works have been completed. These works have a sketch, color, graphic form, three-dimensional composition, photography technology works. Each piece is condensing the students’ thoughts and ideas.
To watch the leadership and the students gave high evaluation on these works, and made the students a semester to give recognition.
Through this exhibition, not only to let more people know about the image of the professional, also provides the graphic image of professional students a platform to display their own, to enhance the students to learn the professional self-confidence, all the students wish this exhibition to develop some.