CZU consists of 5 schools, which comprise 8 departments, and 4 independent departments. These 5 second-level college schools are Finance and Accounting, Economics, Management, Humanities, and Computer & Information Techniques. The 8 departments are Accounting Department, Financial Management Department, International Trade Department, Business Department, Construction Department, Management Department, Applied Languages Department, Computer & Information Technology Department. These 4 independent faculties are Foundation Department, Teaching Department of Political Theory, Experimental Practice Center and School of Continuing Education. There are 28 specialties offered in this college, along with a wide range of courses. Among all these, Software Technology, Business English, Electric Business, Financial Management, International Economics & Trades, and Human Resources Management are the featured specialties, and Accounting Course is honored the featured program at provincial level.

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School of Finance and Accounting

The School of Finance and Accounting, honored as a cradle for accountants of enterprises and public institutions in Zhejiang province, comprises Accounting Department and Financial Management Department, offering specialties including Accounting, Statistical Accounting, Accounting Computerization, Financial Management, Investment, and Finance and Securities. The school enjoys the qualification of employee continuing education and training approved by financial department of Zhejiang province government and the only testing center of accountant occupational requirement in Xiaoheshan Advanced Education Park approved by financial bureau of Xihu District of Hangzhou municipal government. Going to CZU for learning finance and accounting is so popular common view in local community.

School of Economics

The school of economics comprises International Trade Department, Construction Department, and Business Department. The specialties set up in the International Trade Department include International Economics and Trade, International Business, Customs Declaration and International Freight Forwarding. The specialties set up in the Construction Department include Real Estate Running and Assessment, Construction Management, and Construction Costs. The specialties offered in the Business Department include Market Development and Sale, Logistics Management, and E-Commerce. Among them, the specialty of International Economics and Trade is provincial featured, while the core curriculum International Economics Operation Practical Training is listed as provincial excellent course.

School of Management

The School of Management consists of Management Department, which offers 4 specialties including Industrial and Commercial Management, Human Resources Management, Tourism Management, Hotel Management. In 2010, the specialty of Industrial and Commercial Management came into the list of provincial featured professional. There are 22 in-campus practice bases and 41 off-campus practice bases in this school.

School of Humanities

The School of Humanities consists of Applied Languages Department, offering two specialties: Secretary and Business English.

School of Computer & Information Technology

The School of Computer & Information Technology has only one department called Computer & Information Technology Department, offering specialties like Internet of Things Applied Technology, Software Technology, Electronic Information Engineering Technology, Computer Applied Technology, Computer Networking Technology, Computer Applied Technology, and Computer Information Management. Among them, Software Technology and Electronic Information Engineering Technology are two featured majors.

Foundation Department
Teaching Department of Political Theory
Experimental Practice Center
School of Continuing Education