Wei Xianchao

President: Wei Xianchao
President: Wei Xianchao
As heaven maintains vigor through movements,

a gentleman should constantly strive for self-perfection.

As earth’s condition is receptive devotion,a gentleman should hold the outer world with broad mind.

My colleagues and I will create a best environment for your learning, life and development. We will help you overcome obstacles in life, shape your character of self-improvement, teach you skills of realizing the value of life. Your lofty ideals will be bred here, noble sentiments will be conceived here, good habits will be developed here, and your goal of life will be founded here. Changzheng College will lead you to your own success. Let’s meet in the Changzheng College, make our dream into reality and jointly create a splendid tomorrow!

—— President Wei Xianchao




—— 院长   魏贤超