Zhejiang Changzheng Vocational and Technical University, to serve for the purpose of employment-oriented, take the road Combination promote vocational education and production practices, technology promotion, social services closely. College has set up a private SMEs in Zhejiang Accounting Research, Development Research Center of Zhejiang private small and medium enterprises. By strengthening incentives and improve research management system, and actively encourage teachers to carry out scientific research, technology promotion and social service work, and gradually formed a high-quality scientific research team. Especially in recent years introduced a number of highly educated, high-grade teachers, greatly enhanced research capabilities. A total commitment to the hospital nearly three years to teach all kinds of levels of more than 80 research projects, published nearly 300 papers, research funding increases every year, research has shown a good momentum of development.

The Academic Committee:

Director: Wei XIan-chao

Executive Director: Lv Zhen-he,

Deputy Director: Hong Yong-keng, Du Bao-shan, Wang Qi-jun, He Xu-hui

Members: (In alphabetical order)

Bofan Da, Wang Hai-hui, Wang Li, Wang Bo-yi, Fang Zheng-hua, Lv Zhen-he, Liu Wei-xing, Liu Jing, Liu You-lin, Du Bao-shan, Ho Guang-ping, Luo Lixia, Chen Dong-rui, Zhang chong-li, Zhang Wei-dong, Li Qing-hai, Luo Jia, Lu Jian, Chen Kai-xong, Yang Liu, Hong Yong-keng, He Xu-hui, Zheng Shi-ming, Gao Xiao-hong Sheng Fa-sheng, Xu Ya-ming, Xu Zhi-bin, Huang Hua, Wei XIan-chao

Office of the Director: Zhang Wei-dong