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“Introducing Enterprise into college” to build a new college -enterprise integration and development platform depth
Recently formally established financial consulting firm widely believed Hangzhou Long Branch campus cum true account of the training base December 19 afternoon, sunny winter day. College Administration Building, third floor conference room beaming widely ...
Blood Donation——True Love transferred
--- ZCU blood donation activities To develop students\' spirit of dedication and encourage them to serve the society, the Red Cross Association of Zhejiang Changzheng Vocational and Technical college co-organized a voluntary blood donation with Hangzhou Red ...
Congratulations on the Provincial”Civilized Bedrooms ” Titles Gained By the Outstanding Bedrooms of Our College
At 14:00 on December 8 ,2013 , a civilization promotion symposium of \"My bedroom My Home \' was held at the academic center of Zhejiang Financial and Economic University, it is co-sponsored by the Provincial Civilization Office, the provincial League ...
Visiting Campus
Zheng Jianbang , Vice Chairman of Central Committee of DRP Came to Changzheng for a Survey
In the afternoon of 2013-06-016 , Zheng Jianbang, Vice Chairman of Central Committee ofDemocratic Revolutionary Party came to Changzheng College for a survey, accompanied by Yujian , vice chairman of the Provincial Democratic Revolutionary Committee , as well ...
CZU at a Glance
Displays of student work
In order to cultivate strong artistic creation interest, improve the students\' enthusiasm for learning, and enhance students professional learning self-confidence, Department of computer and information technology in our hospital from 11 ...